You are going to hear 6 extracts of a documentary about current dieting habits. Match the headings (A-G) that best summarise the extracts (1-6). Number 0 is an example. You will get 1 point per correct answer. You should hear the recording TWICE.


 A. Protein has become a trendy nutrient.0

B. Protein is not the only key element in our diets.
C. Too much protein consumption may lead to health problems.
D. It is financially beneficial to include protein in any product.
E. Avoiding carbohydrates makes us consume unhealthy, but protein- enriched food.
F. In developed countries the population experience a surplus of protein.
G. People are misled when consuming “healthy” high-in-protein products.

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You are going to listen to a short documentary about the rise and fall of fast food restaurant Subway. Match each statement (A-K) with each extract (1-10). Extract 0 is an example and you will not need to use statement C again. You will get 1 point per correct answer. You should hear the recording TWICE.


  1. New promotions made Subway earn a lot of money when others couldn’t.
  2. Competitors’ better frequency for ingredients delivery.
  3. It’s ranked as the first in number of stores worldwide. 0
  4. It was the first food chain to show its cooking area and the ingredients.
  5. Sales plummeted due to a negative brand association.
  6. Subway facilities are being improved.
  7. The chain is working with other companies to develop new products.
  8. The concentration of stores was bad for the franchises but not for the company.
  9. Their sales boosted due to a shocking ad.
  10. The minimum costs caused a lot of franchise openings.
  11. The original owners shortened the name of the company.

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You will hear part of a documentary talking about the sport psychology behind Olympic games. For statements 1 to 10, fill in the gaps with the words you hear in CAPITAL LETTERS. Each gap should be completed with one word. Number 0 is an example. You will get 1 point per correct answer. You should hear the recording TWICE.


0. It’s a dressing room like any other; white walls, a few benches and coat HOOKS

1. It is here that athletes perform the highly    routines designed to takethem into the zone.
2. In many ways, this is one of the most      places in sport but also,perhaps, one of the most fascinating.
3. You're alone with your thoughts, or perhaps your demons, but in many sports  is impossible.
4. That type of athlete will not see pressure as a problem. They will it as a privilege.
5. You're already under a tremendous amount of pressure in knowing the of the moment.
6. Sort of ironic, now as I've lost my faith. But my faith, I think, gave me perspective to somehow, to a degree,          myself from the outcome.
7. Superstitions can do the same kind of thing. They provide reassurance and self-belief.
8. A similar kind of thing happens in the field of Medicine. A sugar pill with no whatsoever can have incredible effects reducing pain and anxiety, even eliminating nausea.
9. As Jonathan Edwards put it in a slightly different context, any belief can have astonishingly powerful effects providing it is the sufficient conviction.
10. Maybe that's the key here: you need to find something that works for you.Every athlete is an individual. And you can, you can take out the manual, you can take out the sport psychology book...

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