Read the following text and fill in each gap with the appropriate phrase. 

There are two sentences/phrases that you do not need to use. All the options begin with a lower-case letter.

Today NFK looks at three amazing older people who’ve made the news recently, mainly . Their inspiring stories are a good reminder that you’re never too young or too old .

Manfred Steiner Gets a Ph.D. In Physics at Age 89

Dr. Manfred Steiner didn’t really need another Ph.D. degree. After all, he already had two. Besides, Dr. Steiner was trained as a doctor, and for years.
But after Dr. Steiner retired, he realized he finally had time to do something – study Physics. At first, Dr. Steiner just took a few classes, but after a while, he finished enough classes to complete a regular college degree. That’s when he decided to get a Ph.D.
It took him a long time, but in September, at age 89, Dr. Steiner finally earned his physics Ph.D. Dr. Steiner encourages young people to have a dream to “follow that dream. Don’t give up on it.”

Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins – Still Setting Records at 105

Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins set a new world record earlier this November by running the 100-meter dash in just over 62 seconds. If that doesn’t sound like a record to you, . Before this year, there wasn’t even a category for female runners over the age of 104. They had to create one for Ms. Hawkins.
Running isn’t Ms. Hawkins’ main sport – she’s been biking for most of her life. But she took up running a few years ago and  .
Encouraging others to be active is a big part of what keeps Ms. Hawkins running. “My message to others,” she says, “is that you have to stay active y as you age.”

Nimblewill Nomad: 83-Year-Old Hikes Fu ll Appalachian Trail

In early November, M.J. “Sunny” Eberhart became the oldest person to hike the full Appalachian Trail (AT). Mr. Eberhart – – is 83 years old.
The 2,193-mile (3,530 kilometer) hiking trail through the Appalachian Mountains isn’t easy, even for younger people. Mr. Eberhart had to deal with pain and injuries, . “I’ve a got a couple of skid marks on me,” he says, “But I’m okay.”

Mr. Eberhart didn’t just hike the whole trail, he hiked several hundred miles from his home in Alabama to the beginning of the Trail. He’s not exactly new to hiking. He’s been hiking extremely long distances since 1993, when he retired as an eye doctor. He’s even written books about his hiking. .
For the last few miles of this hike, Mr. Eberhart was joined by Dale Sanders. Mr. Sanders set the same record when he hiked the AT at the age 82. Now, , he came to celebrate as Mr. Eberhart broke his record.
Mr. Eberhart has been writing about his hike on his website. He ended his final report with this quote: “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

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