You will hear Greta Thunberg talking about climate change. For questions 1 to 10, complete the sentences with ONE word. Number 0 is given as an example. You will get 1 point for correct answer. You will hear the recording TWICE.

0. I speak on behalf of [climate] Justice Now.
1. No matter if you are big or small, you can make a .
2. We must speak .
3. You (politicians) are too scared of being .
4. The most sensible thing we can do is pull the brake.
5. I am worried about climate justice and a living .
6. The biosphere is sacrificed so that wealthy people can in luxury.
7. My children will ask me why we did nothing when there was time to .
8. You are stealing your children's in front of their eyes.
9. Crisis can't be solved if they are not treated as a .
10. If the system can't find solutions to the problem, we need to it.


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