Food Pyramid


You will hear a text about the food pyramid. For questions 1 to 10, complete the sentences with ONE OR TWO WORDS. Number 0 is given as an example. You will get 1 point per correct answer. You CAN hear the recording TWICE. 

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0. We already know that healthy foods are FUNDAMENTAL for our existence.

1. The first step of the pyramid contains fats and  .

2. Pastries and sweeties are  , but they contain a high number of calories.

3. In fact, many doctors  that this first sector is very bad for our health.

4. You must eat dairies from one to     a day.

5. Fruits and vegetables fill our bodies with vitamins and minerals and allow us to stay in shape and be .

6. If you eat fruits and vegetables five times a day, your body will you.

7. You must eat carbohydrates .

8. We also need to take into account the opinion of doctors and   .

9. They recommend eating with because it will always be beneficial.

10. Every day you must do some type of   .

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