Listening Task - B2 - Taylor Swift

Listening Task - B2 - Taylor Swift

You will hear the singer Taylor Swift talking about her life as a musician. Complete the notes using ONE word. Write the words in the spaces provided. (0) is given as an example. You will get 1 point per correct answer. You will hear the recording TWICE.


Fill in the gaps with the missing word.

0. The first film she saw was “The _______ Mermaid” when she was 3 years old. --> LITTLE

1. On the way back home from the cinema, she was singing the to the songs in the movie after seeing it only once. 

2. The song that made her fall in love with music was “Blue” by LeAnn Rimes. 

3. This singer was young and she could do the things that Taylor could only about.

4. At the age of 10, she that she had to go to Nashville if she wanted a career in music.

5. On her first trip to Nashville, they went up and down Music Row, where the labels are. 

6. Growing up in Pennsylvania and not having many friends at school, she decided she had to love being or she would end up being dark and angry. 

7. Taylor felt more playing a show in front of big crowds than playing at her school talent show. 

8. When she writes songs, she doesn’t hesitate to put in them if she likes someone, but doesn’t confess these things in real life.

9. Getting up at an awards ceremony among people she respects, she gets in her stomach.

10. On stage, performing in a stadium, the most fun and motivating moment is the sound of people .

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