Tarea. Lea y complete el texto con la palabra correcta. Hay 6 palabras de más.

Task. Read and complete the text with the correct word. There are 6 words extra.

I love travelling light. I have   in countries with a backpack and that’s it. Last year, at midnight, I booked a plane ticket for 7am that morning from London to Glasgow, I    a bag with a few things and off I went to the airport. Travelling is wonderful but the bad side, with air travel in particular, is easy to  carrying heavy suitcases; the queueing for hours in a line with 40 or 50 people; the waiting around for  and the fear it could get lost. It is very satisfying not to worry about all those things when travelling light. It isn’t always possible, of course, for example on work  or longer holidays but when it is possible, it’s perhaps the closest thing to feeling free.
I have travelled in the  situation, too. When I moved back to the UK after living in another country, I had thousands of things with me and a huge Klimt picture that I bought in Moscow had its own plane seat. I didn’t buy its own seat, but the flight  were happy to protect it. It is in my flat today, but moving with all my possessions was incredibly   .I often travel alone. All I need then is: my passport; a good book or two; a playlist; a language app (if necessary); a wonderful from my window seat and, if possible, an incredibly interesting seat partner to learn new things from.
Because how many pairs of  are you really going to wear? Why take heavy bottles of shampoo when every hotel or Airbnb will have some? If you travel light you can always change your plans. And, in my opinion, plans are made for changing.

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